A Peach Party

Formula X + cupcakes and cashmere

My best friends know how much I am a fan of Emily Schuman and her blog cupcakes and cashmere. She recently released a clothing line and I’ve been looking through the collection for so long but haven’t gotten my paws on any pieces… yet. However, when Formula X revealed that she’d be March’s #ColorCurator, I was ecstatic. I researched the upcoming collection and knew that I had to get my hands on the entire line, especially the Peach Tea color.

I love how the shade looks against my skin tone. I also love the extremely cute titles for each polish. Of course, there’s my recently purchased Peach Tea, but she also flaunts polishes labeled Haute Sauce and Latte Run.

Peach Tea was my next inspiration for Marble Crumbs’ ‘Food and Fashion’ series because it reminded me that spring was just around the corner. Spring, to me, has so many advantages, and one of those advantages are when the fresh fruit get stocked really high at our local market (triple ‘yes’ for homebaked pies). Funny enough, when I decided to apply the color, it had been the warmest day of the week, so Joe and I headed to the market to pick up a couple of items and just our luck, we walked out with a bag of newly-arrived peaches. How fitting.

FormulaX + cupcakes and cashmere FormulaX + cupcakes and cashmere FormulaX + cupcakes and cashmere FormulaX + cupcakes and cashmere

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