Back-To-School Season

For many, we're approaching school days. Read my thoughts on this season.

We’re in the season of new notebooks, fresh packs of loose leaf paper, and thinking ahead of pre-packed lunches. Yep, it’s back-to-school season and I remember those days like it was yesterday.

When I suggested to my ten-year-old niece that we go grocery shopping at our local department store, she immediately expressed her fear of spotting their “back-t0-school” section. Ahh, yes: mid-August always called for school supply lists and organizing carpools, choosing new backpacks, and perfecting an after-school daycare plan.

I often think back from when I was a youngin’, treading my way to primary school (which was only a 15 minute walk). Those years were definitely a roller coaster ride: sometimes, kids were mean. Other times, every single classmate became my best friend.

Here are some of the things that stuck out to me the most:

  1. My mom would get up extra early to prepare our lunches – and our lunches were awesome. I remember once, my siblings and I complained about finding hair in our food and since then, my mom went would put on a hairnet every single morning to avoid any other incidents. It breaks my heart to think that she did all of this for us.
  2. During the early grades, I took a big, yellow school bus and my mom taught me to hold on for extra safety and precaution. I hung on to those faux-leather seats and didn’t let go.
  3. My mom organized the best birthday parties. I remember one year, she put on a Disney movie, set some bowls of chips and candies on a large table, and prepared a big platter of hot dogs on another. The partying and fun was left up to us kids. It was as if we a bunch of ten-year-olds were having a “raving house party.” (The bowls of junk food needed more than one refill throughout the afternoon.)
  4.  I hated my 1st grade picture. My two front teeth had just fallen out but a classmate of mine told me I looked like a princess, so it was a definite confidence booster (even as a six-year-old).
  5. Despite all my worries (“Why doesn’t ‘so-and-so’ like me?” “I have too much homework.”), my mom was always there to save the day.

All that to say: despite my school years being an up-and-down roller coaster ride, I couldn’t have done it without my mama. I hope to follow in her footsteps one day.

17 thoughts on “Back-To-School Season”

  1. Back when I went to school there were never any lists of things that we had to get (as my Mom keeps reminding me)–Oh yeah-maybe a notebook with dividers for each subject and paper and a pencil or two when we got to high school. I don’t remember my Mom making me lunch to go–I think I ate in the school cafeteria most days. In high school–off we went to the Diner or other eating place! Times sure have changed!!

  2. That is a very thoughtful post honoring the effort your mom made to get you off to school. Back to School brings up lots of memories for so many folks, and I’m glad you touched on this subject.

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