Best of the Week: Summer’s Not Over

Best of the Week: Summer's Not Over

Move over pumpkin spice latte… summer’s not over just yet.

I know everyone’s been babbling on and and on over everything involving pumpkin. Yes, I get it: September has made its way and change is all so exciting.

But hold your horses: summer does not end until mid-month. This season was extremely hot. In my area, we suffered heat wave after heat wave so I’m quite eager for the crisper days to come their way. However, I’m trying to enjoy the last bit of the summer while I can.

Last weekend, my husband took me on a weekend trip up north, where we relaxed in a cabin and ate really great food (in particular, there was this restaurant with amazing fresh pasta). This weekend looks a little bit busier: we’re planning some events and celebrating a few things (which I will share on the blog soon enough!)

What are you all up to? How are you enjoying the last bits of summer?

{one} Need to try this smoothie bowl (

{two} This simple dress is perfect transitional wear at this time of the year – great for hot days but easy to layer when temperatures drop (

{three} BLT Pasta Salad (

{four} A wonderful and simple summer bucket list (

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