Best of the Week: Birthday Cakes

Wishing we could celebrate every Friday with multiple birthday cakes.

If birthday cakes aren’t your thing, then we’ve got some b-day alternatives for you.

I’m all about a big slice of birthday cake. To me, large, over-the-top cakes are the epitome of birthday celebrations. It’s no wonder that I’ve decided to present my son with a cake for each of his monthly milestones.

Of course, there are plenty of people who can skip their piece while attending parties. For this week’s BOTW, I decided to lay out some options for those who’d much rather celebrate another year with different treats.

{one} My husband would SO appreciate this candy cake – especially the Air Heads tier! (

{two} Sweet and salty type-of-person? Then check out this simple recipe for Birthday Cake Popcorn. (

{three} I’m always up for breakfast! I would mind receiving these Funfetti Pancakes as a “breakfast in bed” alternative! (

{four} I know naked cakes are trending, but this one really tickles my fancy! (

Happy weekend! (Oh, and happy birthday – if it is your birthday, that is.)

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