Best of the Week: Fruit Focus

Focusing on fruit for a well-balanced lifestyle

In life, it’s all about a healthy balance. I have fully accepted the fact that I need to place a bigger fruit focus on my diet. This shouldn’t be so hard!

I recently spoke about resolutions and not placing too much pressure on myself this year. With a new baby on its way, I figured it would be best to take it a little bit easier. I’ve already got a big enough chore becoming a new parent. There’s lots for me to learn.

I do, however, need to find good balance. While I didn’t want to burden myself with unrealistic targets, I realized that there are a few lifestyle changes I need to make.

I don’t eat enough fruit. It’s as simple as that.

Fruits have so many amazing benefits and nutrients. This year, Joe and I are placing a focus on building a healthy family. Incorporating more fruit into our diets is one small step that can make a large impact in the long run.

Happy weekend!

{one} The most colorful smoothie I ever did see!

{two} My favorite fruit: the banana. Read about its many benefits here.

{three} Such a beautiful and unique collection of fruit bowls!

{four} Loving the punch of citrus in this high-neck tank from Old Navy

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