Best of the Week: Welcoming Winter

There's no denying it: winter's here and it won't be leaving for awhile.

There’s no denying it: winter is here… and it’ll probably stay awhile.

I can’t believe we’re already mid-January. Where I’m from, we’re zipping up our coats, slipping on the heavy-duty boots and storming through the outdoors… no matter what the weather may be.

This week, I decided to stay more positive by openly welcoming winter (even through chattering teeth). I made some winter-themed desserts and embraced the season by downing some delicious warm drinks.

Enjoy your weekend! Are there some cold days in your forecast?

{one} Nothing says winters in Quebec like tire sur la neige

{two} My next purchase

{three} I love how season-appropriate this mug set is. They definitely make me want to cozy up by the fireplace whenever I’m snowed in!

{four} The cutest Oreo pops, ever!


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