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Best of the Week Part 10

This week in eating was definitely more savory than sweet. For our most recent dinner party, we took the traditional route and went for a classic tuna casserole. It was so delicious and really easy to prepare (which is the best when you’re a time crunching and hosting guests).

I totally fell in love with the onion tart I made. Of course, the smell of cooked onion hung in the air for quite some time, but luckily it didn’t stick to my hair and I was good to go for work the next morning (I swear, every smell lingers on my hair and I had taken my evening shower before cooking the dish. I know, a not-so-good idea). I must say, I am really happy with every recipe we’re trying out in Mimi Thorisson‘s cookbook.

As usual, I rounded up some fun links for you to enjoy over the weekend. Have a great one!

{one} The cutest vintage Campbell soup ads (

{two} Such a fancy lava cake! (

{three} Mimi Thorisson making a pie on the MR PORTER Youtube channel (

{four} An article on nut benefits I found entertaining – totally loved the chart that was included in it (

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