Best of the Week

The twelfth edition of our Best of the Week series

Yay for almost April! Not to only talk about the weather but I’ve been so much happier and peppier with the mild temperatures and scattered showers. I got in the spring spirit by sporting a rather bright polish from Emily Schuman‘s Formula X line.

I’m just about to start my long weekend (four days of blissful days off!) and if you’re doing the same, I hope you have a wonderful one! Then again, even if you’re not enjoying that extra day off, I hope your weekend goes great, just the same.

Here are a few links to enjoy:

{one} A closer look at the Formula X March line, color curated by Emily Schuman of cupcakes and cashmere (

{two} I love how these muffins are made in the blender before being put in the oven (

{three} This onion dip reminds me of the one I used to eat when I was a kid (

{four} How to practice food etiquette on an international scale (

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