Best of the Week

The 13th edition in our weekly 'Best of' series

The first week of my favorite month has passed and so far, I am really pleased. April is off to a good start (if you count getting over a really nasty cold a ‘good start’ – at least I was entering the month more or less healed!).

At the beginning of the month, I emailed my first monthly newsletter (don’t forget to subscribe!) and it’s so fun to watch my list grow. It’s really great to see that there are active readers out there and I am so pleased to share my food journey with all of you!

Is the sun shining wherever you are? Tell me what you’ve been doing to prep for spring in the comments below!

{one} Essential baking tools (

{two} If anyone could give me a batch of these peanut butter cookie sandwiches, my day would be complete (

{three} Still can’t get over how good these lemon cookies were!

{four} Mind-blowing food facts (

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