Best of the Week

A list of my favorites for the week of April 17th

I’m screaming out a big ‘yeehaw’ because Montreal is finally starting to see consistently warmer days. I know I seem to be obsessed with the weather report, but being able to bust out a good pair of sneakers rather than sporting a clunky sweater means a lot to me.

I’ve decided that I want to have more greenery in our new apartment. I’ve been looking through the web for tips and tricks in plant maintenance and styling. If you have any advice on the subject, drop me a line below.

Enjoy your weekend. Are you planning on eating out? Tell me all about it!

{one} A fantastic review of Ladurée Soho (

{two} Fish and chips facts from Buzzfeed (

{three} I’ve been loving my recently-purchased denim jacket and this article inspired me in styling it in new ways (

{four} Peony Care and Handling (

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