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Capturing our favorite trends in food and fashion for the week of May 15 to May 21

So, here we have it: a whole new obsession for me. Pastel colors.

I mean, I’ve always been a fan, but this time around I am eyeing everything in a pastel shade.

Maybe it’s just because I am so eager for summer to come along and the moment I think of the season change, I think of transitioning my wardrobe to have bursts of color. During the colder seasons, I’m a neutral/black-and-white type-of-gal. But now, my outfits are more cheery, my desserts are more fruit-inspired. This season-change has totally been a mood lifter.

Enjoy your weekend!

{one} Can’t help but fall in love with this faux-leather pink bomber jacket (

{two} Super helpful infographic on achieving the perfect crust (

{three} My husband would so appreciate this!

{four} Color swatch chart to get the perfect shade of icing (

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