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Hold on one second, we’re already mid-January?! How did it…?! When did it…?! Time flies, it really does. I’m not too tired of winter just yet – here in Montreal, we reached really cold temperatures for two days in a row. Aside from those “brr moments,” everything’s been smooth sailing. Instead of complaining about the cold season, I’ve been drawing inspiration from the temperature drops for my desserts and outfits.

Have a lovely weekend, check out these links while you relax for the next couple of days!

{one} A beautiful stack of glitter meringue (

{two} A fun list of snow-themed desserts (

{three} My next purchase (AND it’s on sale!) (

{four} Duc de Lorraine’s delicious pastry list – remember when I talked about them this week? (

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  1. What a fun series! I’ve been wanting to start something like that myself, but somehow coming to the end of a pregnancy has stopped me from posting much in general these days 🙂 The pictures on your posts are nice and bright and lovely, too! Glad you stumbled upon my blog, so I could stumble upon yours!

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