Best of the Week

Celebrating summer's approach for the first week of June

So I made it into June and my seasonal allergies are still out of control.

This year, the pollen has been reported to be pretty intense and my nostrils are not thanking me. It’s okay, the beginning of June has bits of summer coming through and I can’t wait for my favorite season to finally roll around. And also, Father’s Day weekend is well on its way. Gotta think of some gift ideas ASAP!

I hope that y’all have a lovely weekend! I found some links for your entertainment:

{one} The food story behind banana splits (

{two} Chicken tacos for the win – especially with this recipe (

{three} With BBQ season coming up, I found this nifty infographic on steaks (

{four} Yes, yes, and yes to this bib. (

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