Best of the Week

The best of my week, despite this summer's crazy heat wave

This week was all about beating the heat with refreshing snacks and a whole ‘lotta ice cream.

Seriously, though: this heat! Most of the year, I complain that there’s still snow on the ground but this week, I found the weather almost unbearable. I should be grateful, though: when you live in an area that’s cold for most of the year, summer days like these should never be taken for granted.

Enjoy your weekend!

{one} Delicious lemon desserts ( – Psst: don’t forget to check out my Lemon Crumble Muffins from earlier this week!

{two} Starbucks drinks from around the world (

{three} Biggest moon cake! (

{four} The history of Ben & Jerry’s in under 3 minutes ( – Did you get a chance to see my ice cream round-up?

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