Best of the Week

Celebrating the best in food and fashion for the week of August 14 and August 20

Yeah, I know. I can’t believe it either. We’re already past the middle of August and summer is coming to an end.

I know we say it for every week, month, season, and year – but boy, did this month swing on by or what?! With all the heat waves that took place, I’m actually really looking forward to autumn (for once!). Usually I’m the first to bask in all of the sun’s UV rays, but this season, things were a little different.

{one} Trying out different pizza dough recipes and this one caught my attention – most likely because it was created by queen of the kitchen, Martha Stewart. Psst: don’t forget to check out my pizza creation! (

{two} …not to mention, this mussel recipe of hers also looks delightful (

{three} The cutest school bag ever – you can also read about my back-to-school thoughts here. (

{four} This mug says it all. (

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