Best of the Week

The best of February 14th to 19th 2016

We’ve only got a week and a bit left until March comes around, so I am crossing my fingers (ever so tightly!) in hopes that winter is on its way out as well. I’m getting tired of waltzing around in bulky winter items (and it doesn’t help that I recently picked up a super cute pink spring coat that I’m wanting to wear so badly!).

This week, I revisited my love for seafood and also, a classic Filipino snack that I couldn’t put down when I made my first visit in 2013. The snack is called SkyFlakes and although it’s just individually packaged saltines, there’s something so addictive about them. I found a bucket’s worth at a local Wal-Mart and yelped for joy while in the background, Joe was trying to calm me down, slightly embarrassed.

Happy weekend!

{one} Sole fillet Mediterranean style (

{two} Peanut butter fudge using SkyFlakes (

{three} So many variations of oatmeal cookies to keep the recipe interesting! (

{four} Best Canadian seafood towns (

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