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Best of the Week from February 28 to March 5 - crossing our fingers for an early Spring

Okay, okay: I am so getting over these chilly winter days. Seeing that we now completed our first week of March, I think it’s about time for the greenery to come out and start reminding us that Spring is on its way.

Spring has always been one of my favorite seasons because of all the celebrations that are revolved around it. Easter, to me, equals pastels and considering this year’s Pantone colors, I’ll surely be incorporating the beautiful hues in my seasonal baking. Also, a lot of my friends have birthdays during this time of the year and well, not to be vain, but I’m an April baby myself. There’s just so much to look forward to.

What’s your favorite season? Oh, and here are the links I rounded up for the weekend. I hope you like them!

{one} I always loved the idea of Rice Krispies treats in “roll form” (

{two} Bibimbap: the ultimate in comfort food (

{three} Homemade lollipops with a grown-up flair (

{four} The world’s largest pizza – um, yes please. (

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