Best of the Week: Cake Mix Galore

Talking about cake mix and all of its versatility and deliciousness

Wrapping up this romantic week by shedding a new light on the famous “cake mix.” Are you ever up for instant dessert?

This week’s feature recipe was my oh-so-easy Pink Valentine Crinkle Cookies. I’m always eager to develop recipes that are accessible in both budget and in cooking-levels. For my crinkle cookies, I opted to use a cake mix since I was short on time and they turned out phenomenal.

When it comes to boxed cakes, some people are for it while others are totally against it. I myself always prefer a homemade treat, but sometimes, the convenience of a cake mix can really get you out of certain ruts (hence, this year’s Valentine treats). In fact, I love it when recipes call for cake mix to not necessarily bake-up a cake, but to use as an ingredient to create something completely new.

Hope you have a very sweet weekend!

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