Best of the Week: Chocolate Eclairs

This week's best: chocolate eclairs!

So clearly, I’m having a pastry craving. This week: chocolate eclairs for the win.

Does life/your sweet tooth ever hit you with this craving that you just can’t seem to understand? This week, I’ve been gobbling up pastry after pastry and now, I want to scour the city for some of the best chocolate eclairs.

It’s a long weekend so I’ll probably drag my husband to some of our favorite bakeries so that I can satisfy my sweet tooth. Luckily, we live in an area that houses some of the best French bakeries (like my favorite), so I’m sure I’ll be able to score a batch or two.

What are you all up to? I wish you all a wonderful three days off (filled with lots of sweets, if that’s your thing)!

{one} A small portion of chocolate eclairs – great for when you want a quick bite (

{two} The sweetest-looking eclairs I have ever laid my eyes on – and they’re vegetarian! (

{three} Funfetti eclairs (

{four} So elegant and so delicious-looking (

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