Chocolate Dining at Cacao 70

Cacao 70

Montreal’s streets are filled with restaurants that promise rare culinary experiences and one-of-a-kind authentic meals. I’m incredibly grateful to live in a city where food offerings are rich in diversity and are always a special (and sometimes, surprising) treat. I can definitely say that my nights-out are never a bore.

Cacao 70 happens to be one of those places where you walk in and experience a meal rather than just eating one. Cacao 70 is (and now, hold your breath and grab your drool bib) one of Montreal’s finest chocolate restaurants. Yes, you heard me: a restaurant dedicated to presenting chocolate at its best, whether it be in melted form, on your waffles, or as a drink… the sky is the limit with Cacao 70.

Whenever I visit (which happens quite often), I indulge in helpings of fondue, hot chocolates, and their oh-so-tasty cinnamon-coated churros.

For my last visit, I opted for their Belgian waffle, topped with ice cream and whipped, and some of my favorite fruit on the side. It was actually the first time I requested for their Belgian waffle, which happens to be incredibly soft and sweet even on its own – each bite melted in my mouth. I can tell you that my sweet tooth was very satisfied that night.

Oh, and I always order a tall glass of milk with my meal.

Four locations in Montreal (and also, one in Sherbrooke, QC and plenty in Ontario) – no matter where you are, Cacao 70 is definitely worth the visit! Follow them on Instagram and Facebook!

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