Mixing Drinks With Danesco

Homemade mojitos with Danesco

Mojitos contain all of the flavor profiles that I absolutely adore: the cooling effects of fresh mint, the sweet aftertaste from its teaspoons of sugar, and not to mention its bubbly sensation from the soda water. Whenever I take trips down south, mojitos are definitely my go-to drink. I remember my first mojito experience: it was during one of my trips to Varadero, Cuba and I was eighteen years old. At the time, it was revolutionary because my palette was dancing with satisfaction at every sip (at the time, I was more accustomed to college parties with bad beer and had not yet developed my appreciation for other drinks like wine and cocktails).

Over the holidays, I was ecstatic when I received a Bar Gift Set from Danesco. The quality of the glass in which the tumbler is made of is quite impressive – thick, shiny, and the perfect size for serving my favorite mixed drinks. I also adore the ‘ice shapers’ they come with: stick the contraption in the freezer and you can serve a perfectly rounded ice ball in your cocktail. The recipe book features great mixes and so I decided to whip up their take on a classic mojito (for the obvious reasons).

The Bar Gift Set is ideal as a housewarming present or, better yet, as a really fun (and practical – because you can never say no to more kitchen and entertainment items!) gift for Valentine’s Day. What do you think?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received this product to review and all opinions are my own. Trust me, my taste buds were extremely pleased with the results coming from this product.

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Serving on a Silver (and Gold) Platter with Danesco


A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I were hosting our usual Friday dinner party and we were all pleasantly surprised with the store-bought eclairs our friend Ciara decided to bring over for dessert. We’re all usually ones for homebaked goods but these eclairs turned out to be amazingly tasty.

Food presentation can always elevate a meal. After food blogging for a month now, I’ve learned that on top of precise detailing and careful preparation, it also comes down to the accessories in helping tell a story through your dishes.

I recently received a set of Danesco’s beautiful silver and gold dessert platters. In terms of presentation, these platters are so versatile: they’re festive enough for winter-holiday gatherings, but neutral enough for elegant events. They’re definitely going to be used in my home year-round.

Danesco has so many quality kitchen accessories and tools that are both practical and stylish. My dessert platters are from their Living Art STARDUST line and everything in this collection is dainty and refined. I must say, whenever I browse on Danesco’s website, I fall in love with a new collection every single time.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received these dessert platters to review and all of the opinions are my own.

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Keeping it Sweet With Djinn Syrups


In our household, we try and stick with premium ingredients for both our taste-buds’ and health’s sake.

This value of “quality control” in our kitchen has lead Joe and myself to discover some pretty great products. Recently, we met up with Boris Sem, creator and founder of Djinn Syrups: an all-natural, cold-press syrup made right here, in our home city (Montreal, Canada). Delicious, refreshing, and full of natural flavor, Djinn Syrups is the best companion to liven up your sparkling water, experiment with your cocktails, or to give your smoothies that extra shot of deliciousness. Our household’s favorite is the apple-cucumber-lime (it’s also their bestseller). It offers that cool, refreshing kick without completely overpowering your drink and we personally love adding it to our gin and tonics.

Having started in May 2015, Boris has big plans for his delicious brand. With how things are going, we see a bright future for Djinn Syrups (and we surely do hope so because we love to keep their bottles stocked in our fridge – it keeps up to a month and they are so ideal for entertaining).

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