“13 Ways” – My first book review and my favorite snack

13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl Book Review

13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl Book Review

As an avid reader, I am so thrilled to finally present my Food and Books series for Marble Crumbs. Last year, I signed-up for the Goodreads challenge and set myself up to read fifty books in twelve months. I enjoyed it so much that I’ll be doing it again this year (and most likely, for more years to come) – it has truly become a part of my lifestyle. Fifty books in one year adds up to about one book per week, and I get a lot of reading time on public transportation since I take the metro (Montreal’s subway system) to work everyday. I’m already about seven books in (a little behind!) but decided to start this blog series with a review of 13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl by Mona Awad.

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Best of the Week

Best of the Week from February 28 to March 5

Best of the Week from February 28 to March 5 - crossing our fingers for an early Spring

Okay, okay: I am so getting over these chilly winter days. Seeing that we now completed our first week of March, I think it’s about time for the greenery to come out and start reminding us that Spring is on its way.

Spring has always been one of my favorite seasons because of all the celebrations that are revolved around it. Easter, to me, equals pastels and considering this year’s Pantone colors, I’ll surely be incorporating the beautiful hues in my seasonal baking. Also, a lot of my friends have birthdays during this time of the year and well, not to be vain, but I’m an April baby myself. There’s just so much to look forward to.

What’s your favorite season? Oh, and here are the links I rounded up for the weekend. I hope you like them!

{one} I always loved the idea of Rice Krispies treats in “roll form” (danamadeit.com)

{two} Bibimbap: the ultimate in comfort food (theguardian.com)

{three} Homemade lollipops with a grown-up flair (sugarandcloth.com)

{four} The world’s largest pizza – um, yes please. (incrediblethings.com)

Lollipops and Kisses

New lip colors from Jouviance

New lip colors from Jouviance

It was such a pleasant surprise to receive Jouviance‘s new lipstick colors in the mail. I’m already a huge fan of their glosses (especially this one in ‘Bise’ – my, oh my… I could wear it every day), so I just knew their lipsticks would have the same effect on me.

Jouviance‘s lipsticks, also known as “Rouge Magistral,” are long-lasting, well pigmented, and offer an incredibly smooth application. When it comes to lip stains, texture is so important because my lips are constantly dry. It’s nice to have a lipstick that isn’t too matte but not overly shiny. Jouviance has really hit the nail with its composition and consistency.

I can’t say that I have a favorite – they’re all so gorgeous that  it’s hard to choose. All three shades are neutral enough that I can wear them on a daily basis but have enough “punch” in their color so that they don’t get lost in any of my looks. Admittedly, I was intimidated by their ‘Attraction’ color because I never wore anything quite as bright. I tried it on and absolutely adored the pink shade and its blue undertone (hooray for non-yellow looking teeth!).

I found some food inspiration from these lipsticks with a red lip-shaped lollipop – the prettiest (and sweetest) pout I have ever seen!

Disclaimer: I received these products as a gift. All opinions are my own.

New lip colors from Jouviance New lip colors from Jouviance New lip colors from Jouviance

Best of the Week

Best of the Week Part 8

Best of the Week Part 8

What a tasty week! I talked about my first (and certainly not last) Semi-Naked Cake and my husband totally devoured it – which was great since it was his V-Day present. I love the simplicity in its design and my best friend described it perfectly: “It looks so fresh and beautiful.” Yup. Definitely making that again.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Did you try anything for the first time this week and absolutely adored it? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

{one} Some pretty amazing ‘no icing’ wedding cakes (brides.com)

{two} My favorite quiche from my favorite bakery, Duc de Lorraine (ducdelorraine.ca)

{three} Lessons on eating in season by the oh-so talented Amelia Freer – don’t forget to check out my review on her newest recipe book! (ameliafreer.com)

{four} I just have to watch this documentary (businessinsider.com)