Best of the Week

The best of February 14th to 19th 2016

The best of February 14th to 19th 2016

We’ve only got a week and a bit left until March comes around, so I am crossing my fingers (ever so tightly!) in hopes that winter is on its way out as well. I’m getting tired of waltzing around in bulky winter items (and it doesn’t help that I recently picked up a super cute pink spring coat that I’m wanting to wear so badly!).

This week, I revisited my love for seafood and also, a classic Filipino snack that I couldn’t put down when I made my first visit in 2013. The snack is called SkyFlakes and although it’s just individually packaged saltines, there’s something so addictive about them. I found a bucket’s worth at a local Wal-Mart and yelped for joy while in the background, Joe was trying to calm me down, slightly embarrassed.

Happy weekend!

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Best of the Week

6th Installment of the Best of the Week series

6th Installment of the Best of the Week series

I always love it when my friend Ciara comes over to help me discover new recipes. The youvetsi we both whipped up this week was a great meal to serve our husbands during one of our tinier dinner parties (I only say tiny because it was more of a double date – our guest list wasn’t too long for this week’s get-together).

This weekend is Valentine’s day and it’ll be my first one as a married woman. We already set up some fun traditions prior to our marriage and so we will continue to practice them. I wonder if we’ll come up with any new traditions now that we’ve tied the knot!

Have a love-filled weekend, everybody! Here are some links to enjoy:

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Best of the Week

Best of the Week (ed. 5)

Best of the Week (ed. 5)

The first week of February has already passed us by and I am so looking forward to Valentine’s day. This is our first V-day as a married couple but we’re still continuing our annual traditions (which usually consists of Joe buying me a Victoria’s Secret gift card so I can re-stock on some new intimates). Just another week and we get to celebrate!

I was so excited to finally share my Thai Coconut Shrimp Soup with you on the blog this week – it’s truly one of my favorite (and easiest!) recipes. I thoroughly enjoy making soups; you can dunk all of your ingredients together and shortly after, out comes a warm bowl of fresh ingredients combined in a flavorful stock. Delicious!

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy some links:

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White Wine With Some Accessories

wine and fashion accessories

wine and fashion accessories

Over the holiday season, I received some pretty fantastic presents. I noticed a general theme in the fashion accessories I acquired: they were all in the red-wine/burgundy color-family and I’ve been hooked to the hue ever since.

My sister gave me a Coach clutch-wristlet (other styles here) and I must say, it’s the perfect shade of deep red and goes beautifully with my overall wardrobe (which, generally speaking, is more on the ‘neutral’ side). I adore how the gold hardware stands out on the patent.

I actually haven’t been to the spa for a manicure since my nuptials (in September!) but I opted for an at-home treatment (done by yours truly) when I snagged this mini bottle of Essie‘s In the Lobby.

Funny enough, even with this new color obsession, I will always prefer a glass of white. So as fitting as it would be to sip on some Merlot while gawking at my new fashion accessories, I had to be true to myself and drink a glass of Boomerang Peak instead (a surprisingly good bottle of white found at my local grocery store).

whitewinewithsomeaccessories-a whitewinewithsomeaccessories-b

Best of the Week

Best of the Week

Best of the Week

My sweet tooth may have gone on overdrive this week. I revisited my Oreo obsession when I decided to create my own version of a banana cream pie. In my early twenties, I had a (not too worrisome) addiction to the cookie and would try to incorporate it into so many of my desserts.

Having run this food blog for a month now, I’m still getting the hang of photographing and capturing my food presentation. I recently discovered Danesco‘s kitchen products on social media and have been hooked ever since.

What are you all up to this weekend? Any food adventures that you’ll be taking?

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