Coffee Cart

Our Coffee Cart Set-Up

Coffee Cart

Coffee is a staple in our home and so I thought it would be most appropriate to set up a coffee-cart when we (finally) moved apartments this summer.

We’re not big drinkers in our household. We mostly enjoy our beers and wines when our friends Ciara and Bill are over for our mini dinner parties. Aside from that, Joe and I will choose to chat over a good cup of java rather than a whiskey on the rocks any day.

When we moved from one apartment to another this summer, I knew that our bigger space meant  that I could finally set up a coffee cart. We love our machines and we go back and forth between our Nespresso VertuoLine and DeLonghi espresso machine. We also have a Keurig machine as backup for when we’re in a rush and feel for a traditional drip coffee.

I’m still in the midst of setting it up, but so far, the coffee cart has been ultra convenient for us. Since I took the above photograph, Ciara and I have rearranged my furniture and the cart is actually facing the opposite wall in my dining area. I’m also looking to replace the bookcase that’s next to it with a few floating shelves for my sugar and mugs.

Do you have a coffee cart? What are some of your favorite machines to use? Tell me all about it!

Coffee Cart


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