Gathering Recipe Inspiration

Looking for inspiration for my next recipe

I’ve recently picked up the hobby of developing my own recipes. I was always one to follow instructions to a T, and so I learned techniques, methods, and flavor profiles by watching, learning, reading, and following.

Now it’s my turn.

Whenever I’m developing recipes, I look to seasons, celebrations, and holidays for inspiration. I often visit Pinterest for multiple ideas and kind of brainstorm and mentally gather up the designs that stand out to me the most.

Most importantly, my best inspiration comes from my mom. Growing up, mom always made the most scrumptious desserts. Her coffee cake, for instance, is just a perfection of a crumbly yet, moist cake, bursting with little pieces of apples and generous amounts of cinnamon. I often give her a ring to ask for a  specific recipe, and end up using it as a base to develop my own.

Now I’m turning to you (yes you, my readers!) to inspire me. Give me something… anything: an ingredient, a technique, something that you saw that you’re curious about, and I’ll try to turn it into something of my own! Comment below and keep an eye out for my replies! If you inspire me, I may be using my new recipe on this blog.

P.S. I promise it won’t be anything like my chip and veggie dip.

Looking for inspiration for my next recipe

14 thoughts on “Gathering Recipe Inspiration”

    • Elizabeth,

      That is so incredibly sweet of you! Thank you! If you’d like, you can subscribe and receive monthly newsletters so that you can stay more up-to-date!

      I am sure your fruit pies are just lovely! But I know what you mean when you say it never quite matches to that of your grandmother’s. It’s how I feel about my mom’s cooking. 🙂

  1. How about something with rhubarb? When I was little I remember we had it growing in a large patch in the back of our yard. Mom would give me a little baggy of sugar so I could dip the stocks in and eat straight from the garden. Now that I live in a city apartment condo until boat season I have to rely on a far-to-short Spring supply at our local market.

  2. Wow! This is quite an invitation! LOL The field is wide open. I’d be nervous about the parsnips and just fine with the rhubarb. One of my favorite ingredients is potatoes. They are so versatile … that’s my challenge to you. Something new to you with potatoes.

    Subscribing so I can follow the progress of these recipes! Best of luck!

  3. What a sweet post! Your mom sounds wonderful. As someone that does not cook, it would be hard for me to challenge you! If I had to choose something I might you with parsnips as well. I say that because I saw Alton Brown last night in Atlanta and he was talking about parsnips.

  4. I’m not a great cook so unlike you, I tend to stick to the few recipes I know. If I had to suggest one ingredient for you challenge, I’d pick strawberries.

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