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I have owned my copy of Mimi Thorisson’s A Kitchen in France for a few months now. Usually, I’m one to race through cookbooks, flipping through pages and bookmarking the recipes that I’m most eager to try. With this book, however, I found myself putting off my usual antics. My procrastination can be reasoned with this: I just found the book to be too beautiful. I couldn’t help it, but I needed to keep it safe from any “cooking harm.” And so, I did: I set it on display within my kitchen’s more decorative area (hooray for floating shelves in a small space!) and then moved it over to the living room so it could act as a pretty centerpiece (alongside a marble vase, a tray, and maybe a few flowers here and there).

Finally, I decided it was time to get it dirty (yikes!) and put the book to some culinary use.

Diving into Mimi Thorisson’s recipes is like escaping your usual routine and going off to rural France, only to witness the transformation of fresh ingredients become the most delectable meals. From the very beginning, Mimi tells her readers about her heritage and how it ties in with her love for cooking. We should all be pretty glad that this passion was ingrained in her from day one – pick up a copy of this book, and you’ll know exactly why. (Trust me, you will not be able to resist a single recipe.)

Joe and I decided to go for page 45: Parisian Sole. Generally, we love the flakiness that sole has to offer and we loved how Thorisson poured hers with a decent amount of crème fraîche. The aroma of white wine and heavy cream hung in the air well into our evening and it was hardly anything to complain about.

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