Lollipops and Kisses

New lip colors from Jouviance

It was such a pleasant surprise to receive Jouviance‘s new lipstick colors in the mail. I’m already a huge fan of their glosses (especially this one in ‘Bise’ – my, oh my… I could wear it every day), so I just knew their lipsticks would have the same effect on me.

Jouviance‘s lipsticks, also known as “Rouge Magistral,” are long-lasting, well pigmented, and offer an incredibly smooth application. When it comes to lip stains, texture is so important because my lips are constantly dry. It’s nice to have a lipstick that isn’t too matte but not overly shiny. Jouviance has really hit the nail with its composition and consistency.

I can’t say that I have a favorite – they’re all so gorgeous that  it’s hard to choose. All three shades are neutral enough that I can wear them on a daily basis but have enough “punch” in their color so that they don’t get lost in any of my looks. Admittedly, I was intimidated by their ‘Attraction’ color because I never wore anything quite as bright. I tried it on and absolutely adored the pink shade and its blue undertone (hooray for non-yellow looking teeth!).

I found some food inspiration from these lipsticks with a red lip-shaped lollipop – the prettiest (and sweetest) pout I have ever seen!

Disclaimer: I received these products as a gift. All opinions are my own.

New lip colors from Jouviance New lip colors from Jouviance New lip colors from Jouviance

10 thoughts on “Lollipops and Kisses”

  1. These sound perfect! I have the same problem as you. When my lips get dry they look horrible with any lipstick, even if it’s not matte haha I do find that wearing Vaseline to bed & putting some on before applying lipsticks works really well though. I will have to check out this brand.


  2. Very pretty! I like the names too! Bise means kiss in French. “Faire la bise” is to do the kiss on each cheek when you encounter someone. And people say “grosses bises” or “gros bisous” (fat kisses) when they say goodbye.

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