Meringue Cupcakes and an Oversized Poncho

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And so here it is: the first installment for an original Marble Crumbs series: Fashion and Food.

For me, cupcakes are one of the easiest desserts to serve: everyone can just grab from the tray and indulge… no need for cutting, plating, and cleaning up extra dishes.

These meringue chocolate cupcakes were a fun alternative to your classic buttercream topping. The toasted meringue offered a new taste and consistency to the ultra-sweetness we’re normally used to in our desserts.

Because it’s winter and I refuse to reduce the amount of times we hold dinner parties, I found this poncho to be ideal for the ultimate hostess-outfit. It’s warm, the sleeves don’t get in the way when I’m cooking, and I love the patterns that are carefully placed around the seams.

meringuecupcakesandaspanishponcho-a meringuecupcakesandaspanishponcho-b

What are your favorite toppings for your cupcakes?

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