Onion Tart from A Kitchen in France

Onion Tart from ‘A Kitchen in France’ (pg 30)

Onion Tart from A Kitchen in France

Remember when I first tried out Mimi Thorisson’s A Kitchen in France? Well, over the weekend, my husband and I were stuck on meal ideas so we didn’t hesitate (at all) to open up her book once again to find our next best recipe. It didn’t take much time to flip through the book because once we landed on Mimi’s ‘Onion Tart,’ we knew we had to give it a try.

The recipe calls for 1 pound of onions, which seemed like a lot when I first chopped them and set aside in my bowl. However, with how slow the cooking time is, the onion quickly shrinks in the onion and butter, making it extremely soft and golden. What’s nice is that the onion’s new texture gives a contrast to the bacon’s crunch (yes, there’s bacon in this pie – I bet you’re drooling now) and both ingredients really suck in the flavors of honey, butter, balsamic, and thyme (most of which reduce towards the end when you have to cook everything on high heat).

I was so happy with this pie. Joe was definitely reminiscing about the food he used to eat in France and immediately took a picture to show his dad our creation.

You can find A Kitchen in France here and more on Mimi Thorisson’s official website here.

Onion Tart from A Kitchen in France Onion Tart from A Kitchen in France Onion Tart from A Kitchen in France Onion Tart from A Kitchen in France

21 thoughts on “Onion Tart from ‘A Kitchen in France’ (pg 30)”

  1. I make a similar kind of tart with shallots. It’s technically a tarte tatin–like a pineapple upside-down cake. I do it with tomatoes, as well. I’ll have to post the recipes. Super easy! Big hit!

    • Sora,

      Story of my life… haha. I always stumble upon these beautiful cakes, delicious recipes, etc. when I’m about to go to bed. Then a craving comes up and I’m like “uh oh…”

  2. I just love Classic French cuisine.Your pie looks very tasty! I once tried a version with fish. I believe it was called pissaladière.


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