Summer Is On Its Way

Celebrating summer's approach with one of my favorite treats: Drumsticks!

We made it to the end of May. Hoorah! Summer is creeping up on us and I’m so excited to welcome its arrival.

If you read my Best of the Week segment last week, I talked about May being a bridge between rainy days and my favorite season (Which is summer… just to clarify. But I think I’ve made that pretty obvious throughout this blog).

I’m looking forward to sipping on sweet cocktails (and mocktails) while sitting on a terrace and enjoying the weather with my closest girlfriends.

Another weakness of mine: Drumsticks. Oh how I love a classic Drumstick with a caramel center. This was definitely my kryptonite as a child and well, I guess some things never change.

This year, I’m actually ready to take on new salads and start experimenting with dressings and different veggie mixes. There’s nothing more refreshing than a kale or spinach salad with nuts for crunch and fresh fruit to add some sweetness in a big bowl of healthy goodness. I’m ready to explore the Farmer’s Market for inspiration and see what I could do with vegetables that I don’t often work with.

What are your foodie plans for this summer? If you want to see any summer-fun recipes on this blog, let me know in the comments below! I’m definitely up for the challenge.

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