Keeping Up With Winter: 10 Delicious Warm Drinks

Helping you keep up with winter with these 10 delicious drinks

Beat the winter blues by gulping down these 10 delicious warm drinks.


Where I live, the winter season can turn you into one, tough cookie. People often tell me that I get my strong calves from years of dance. I think years of walking through 3 feet of snow did the trick.

I’m an expert coffee and hot cocoa drinker. During this time of the year, my cappuccino machine is constantly churning. We purchase milk by the gallons. There’s nothing like enjoying a hot beverage while temperatures have dropped well below zero.

I browsed around to compile some of the best recipes for warm drinks. While hot chocolate and lattes take the lead in my heart, I realize there are many other delicious beverages out there.

Helping you keep up with winter with these 10 delicious drinks

  1. Golden Turmeric Mylk |
  2. Icelandic Hot Chocolate |
  3. Cinnamon Pear Cider |
  4. Spiced Golden Milk |
  5. The Easiest Chai Tea Latte |
  6. White Chocolate Caramel Latte |
  7. Make-at-Home London Fog |
  8. Salted Caramel Latte |
  9. Healing Tahini Hot Chocolate |
  10. Hot Toddy |

What are some of your favorite winter-time beverages?

Helping you keep up with winter with these 10 delicious drinks

12 thoughts on “Keeping Up With Winter: 10 Delicious Warm Drinks”

  1. These all sound delicious but I have to say that I’m bias…I would make the chai latte! I could drink it everyday! Also, the salted caramel sounds divine! I actually just posted a recipe for traditional Italian hot chocolate (but vegan). I also make golden milk during the winter too!

  2. Wow I never thought about trying some of these before but I do enjoy a warm drink. I will have to try most of these this Winter. It’s nice to change things up a bit and try something new every once in a while. Thanks for sharing all of these delicious options!

  3. Thanks for sharing this round up. The Hot Toddy is my favorite winter beverage because it never fails each winter I get sick from the weather switching back and forth. The Hot Toddy is the only thing that seems to get all of the illness out of me quickly.

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