Welcome and Bon Appétit


I don’t know how many slices of pizza and how many bars of brownies I’ve gobbled up at this point. After a number of sleepless nights and a reckless amount of emotional eating, I am so excited to finally have this site up and running.

Those are my two favorites, by the way: pizza and brownies (just in case anyone ever asks).

Okay, so I’m not necessarily a top-expert “food connoisseur.” Actually, I’ll never claim expertise on any particular subject (except for being a pest to my loving husband… then questions are most certainly welcome), but I have a lot of experience with food (and perhaps you do, too).

Growing up, I was my mom’s biggest nightmare. I was, according to her, a very fussy eater. To this day, she makes these big ol’ claims of how I only ever ate french fries and brownies (Please see above – I guess some things never change) and that I was as skinny as a stick (okay, then perhaps things have changed).

And so here I am today and it seems that “picky me” has transformed into a food-loving, meal-exploring, and constantly-baking type-of-gal.

See what I did there? I just told you a story. I started Marble Crumbs because I believe that behind every great meal is a great story… down to the very last crumb. I hope you’re all on board… let’s do this!



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