We’re Back

Excited to be back behind the blog after a few weeks off.

After a (much-needed) month-long hiatus, we’re back and extremely excited to blog about our favorite food experiences.

Sometimes, a vacation can do you good. I’ve been off the radar for a few weeks (nearly one month!) and I’m back with fresh, new ideas. I’m super pumped to be sharing things that I’ve learned and discovered.

On my end, August leads up to many events: my father and brother are both Leos and have birthdays early this month, we’re getting prepped for back-to-school for my two wonderful nieces, and I’m wrapping up on the final touches from our move.

What are you eager to see on Marble Crumbs? More recipes? More restaurant reviews? Hint: I may or may not have (okay, probably may!) a copy of my mom’s famous flan recipe ready to publish!

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