White Wine With Some Accessories

wine and fashion accessories

Over the holiday season, I received some pretty fantastic presents. I noticed a general theme in the fashion accessories I acquired: they were all in the red-wine/burgundy color-family and I’ve been hooked to the hue ever since.

My sister gave me a Coach clutch-wristlet (other styles here) and I must say, it’s the perfect shade of deep red and goes beautifully with my overall wardrobe (which, generally speaking, is more on the ‘neutral’ side). I adore how the gold hardware stands out on the patent.

I actually haven’t been to the spa for a manicure since my nuptials (in September!) but I opted for an at-home treatment (done by yours truly) when I snagged this mini bottle of Essie‘s In the Lobby.

Funny enough, even with this new color obsession, I will always prefer a glass of white. So as fitting as it would be to sip on some Merlot while gawking at my new fashion accessories, I had to be true to myself and drink a glass of Boomerang Peak instead (a surprisingly good bottle of white found at my local grocery store).

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