Serving on a Silver (and Gold) Platter with Danesco


A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I were hosting our usual Friday dinner party and we were all pleasantly surprised with the store-bought eclairs our friend Ciara decided to bring over for dessert. We’re all usually ones for homebaked goods but these eclairs turned out to be amazingly tasty.

Food presentation can always elevate a meal. After food blogging for a month now, I’ve learned that on top of precise detailing and careful preparation, it also comes down to the accessories in helping tell a story through your dishes.

I recently received a set of Danesco’s beautiful silver and gold dessert platters. In terms of presentation, these platters are so versatile: they’re festive enough for winter-holiday gatherings, but neutral enough for elegant events. They’re definitely going to be used in my home year-round.

Danesco has so many quality kitchen accessories and tools that are both practical and stylish. My dessert platters are from their Living Art STARDUST line and everything in this collection is dainty and refined. I must say, whenever I browse on Danesco’s website, I fall in love with a new collection every single time.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received these dessert platters to review and all of the opinions are my own.

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Best of the Week


This week was all about interactive dining: whether it be a free-for-all taco night at my place or the ultimate chocolate experience at Cacao 70, my meals were everything but boring.

I hope you all have a fantastic and tasty weekend! Do you have any meal stories you’d like to share? Drop a comment below!

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Chocolate Dining at Cacao 70

chocolate at Cacao 70

Cacao 70

Montreal’s streets are filled with restaurants that promise rare culinary experiences and one-of-a-kind authentic meals. I’m incredibly grateful to live in a city where food offerings are rich in diversity and are always a special (and sometimes, surprising) treat. I can definitely say that my nights-out are never a bore.

Cacao 70 happens to be one of those places where you walk in and experience a meal rather than just eating one. Cacao 70 is (and now, hold your breath and grab your drool bib) one of Montreal’s finest chocolate restaurants. Yes, you heard me: a restaurant dedicated to presenting chocolate at its best, whether it be in melted form, on your waffles, or as a drink… the sky is the limit with Cacao 70.

Whenever I visit (which happens quite often), I indulge in helpings of fondue, hot chocolates, and their oh-so-tasty cinnamon-coated churros.

For my last visit, I opted for their Belgian waffle, topped with ice cream and whipped, and some of my favorite fruit on the side. It was actually the first time I requested for their Belgian waffle, which happens to be incredibly soft and sweet even on its own – each bite melted in my mouth. I can tell you that my sweet tooth was very satisfied that night.

Oh, and I always order a tall glass of milk with my meal.

Four locations in Montreal (and also, one in Sherbrooke, QC and plenty in Ontario) – no matter where you are, Cacao 70 is definitely worth the visit! Follow them on Instagram and Facebook!

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Friday-Night Tacos

Friday Night Tacos


Our Friday night dinner parties are a hosting tradition that Joe and I constantly look forward to. Our base invitees always include our dear friends, Ciara and Bill. We expect them at our place so often that it almost feels off-beat when they can’t make it for one of their Friday evening visits. Luckily, the non-visiting situation is rare and our weekly get-togethers become these type of double-date nights where the four of us just dine, chat, and catch up. Sometimes though, they consist of a larger guest list where a few of our other friends will drop by to help us wind-down and wrap-up our busy work-week.

A couple of Fridays ago, we hosted a taco night which is something we love to do when we’re tight on time. It gives us a chance to offer our guests an interactive and free-for-all dinner. My favorite part of serving tacos is Joe’s homemade guacamole. I have a slight allergy to avocados but I can’t help but devour his creamy take on the recipe (filled with onions, diced tomatoes, and lemon juice). I take one for the team and join the others in adding the guacamole to my plate, allowing it to act like a side dish. My allergy can sometimes give me a bit of a tummy ache, so I always watch my helpings (it’s all in moderation, my friends).

Also, my tacos are always stuffed with cheese. Always.

How do you usually spend your Friday nights?

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Best of the Week


Hold on one second, we’re already mid-January?! How did it…?! When did it…?! Time flies, it really does. I’m not too tired of winter just yet – here in Montreal, we reached really cold temperatures for two days in a row. Aside from those “brr moments,” everything’s been smooth sailing. Instead of complaining about the cold season, I’ve been drawing inspiration from the temperature drops for my desserts and outfits.

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