Friday-Night Tacos


Our Friday night dinner parties are a hosting tradition that Joe and I constantly look forward to. Our base invitees always include our dear friends, Ciara and Bill. We expect them at our place so often that it almost feels off-beat when they can’t make it for one of their Friday evening visits. Luckily, the non-visiting situation is rare and our weekly get-togethers become these type of double-date nights where the four of us just dine, chat, and catch up. Sometimes though, they consist of a larger guest list where a few of our other friends will drop by to help us wind-down and wrap-up our busy work-week.

A couple of Fridays ago, we hosted a taco night which is something we love to do when we’re tight on time. It gives us a chance to offer our guests an interactive and free-for-all dinner. My favorite part of serving tacos is Joe’s homemade guacamole. I have a slight allergy to avocados but I can’t help but devour his creamy take on the recipe (filled with onions, diced tomatoes, and lemon juice). I take one for the team and join the others in adding the guacamole to my plate, allowing it to act like a side dish. My allergy can sometimes give me a bit of a tummy ache, so I always watch my helpings (it’s all in moderation, my friends).

Also, my tacos are always stuffed with cheese. Always.

How do you usually spend your Friday nights?

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  1. These tacos look delish! One of my favorite foods to cook at home especially on the weekends. I just read your bio and my mom is also from the Philippines!! ; ) I’d be interested to see what Filipino foods you like to cook. I am just starting to get interested in cooking them so am constantly on the search for recipes! ; )

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