Gotta Catch ‘Em All Pizza

Pokemon-themed pizza

I may not be a Pokémon master, but I decided to spruce up my pizza so that I can get in the Pokémon spirit.

Okay, I didn’t quite hop on board with the latest craze in Pokémon GO game, but I have followed my younger cousins once or twice on an adventure to catch some Pikachus (side note: none were found, but they did manage to get a hold of some Eevees).

I’ve been finding a lot of Pokémon-inspired recipes lately but when I stumbled upon this Pokéball pizza, I was totally inspired. I knew that I had to whip one up.

Things that I learned after making my first semi-homemade pizza:

  1. I need to learn how to make my own pizza crust (which is why I dubbed this pizza as “semi-homemade”). My mother has an excellent recipe for one, so I’ll definitely have to learn more from her.
  2. My husband purchased a perforated pizza pan (a.k.a a pan with holes) and it is absolutely genius. It really helped in cooking out my dough evenly.
  3. Adding extra cheese makes pizza extra delicious (for me, at least).
  4. It took two layers of black olives to get the outline juuuuust right.

Pokemon-themed pizza Pokemon-themed pizza Pokemon-themed pizza

Overall, we’re happy with how our creation turned out. I’m looking forward to doing more “themed” recipes – makes for some good practice for birthday parties, holiday events, etc.

Have you been catching lots of Pokémon?

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