A Lemon Loaf For A Lazy Monday

Lemon LoafI took the day off last Monday to spend time with my two nieces. Between shopping, binge-watching our favorite television shows, and napping, we decided to bake a lemon loaf.

Butter Celebrates is the ultimate guide for baking appropriately-themed recipes all year round. I love the fact that the book is divided into different holidays and seasons, containing not-so-typical recipes that use fresh ingredients.

For my day off, my nieces chose to make Butter‘s “Lemony Lemon Loaf” (mainly due to its tongue-twisting name). They also loved the fact that my husband, their Uncle Joe, adores lemon-infused desserts so they were eager to surprise him when he arrived home from work.

My favorite part of the loaf was its sweet glaze. It was the perfect topping that helped offset the loaf’s overall tartness. We devoured it for dessert and it’s safe to say that only crumbs were left towards the end of the night.

Note to self: I have to invest in a good loaf pan.

Lemon Loaf Lemon Loaf Lemon Loaf

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  1. This is my kind of dessert! I love cakes that are flavored with citrus, the tartness just really makes a good contrast to the sweetness. It’s perfect for afternoon tea, especially on a lazy weekend.

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