Semi-Naked Cake

Valentine's Day Cake

Lately, I’ve been incredibly inspired by everything I’ve seen on Pinterest. From perfectly plated meals (that always seem impossible to replicate) down to those intricate and gorgeous rustic-glam weddings, everything that I’ve stumbled upon on my Pinterest app has been a magical and dreamy experience.

E ver since we signed the lease to our new apartment, I’ve found myself ‘pinning’ and discovering more often than usual (if that’s even possible). The possibilities in those perfectly staged kitchens and my future gallery wall seem endless.

What I’ve also noticed are the baking trends, especially in cake decorating. One that immediately caught my attention were the oh-so beautiful “semi-naked cakes.” The idea behind a semi- naked cake is that you leave your cake bare, and let its single crumb coating speak for itself. The result is a fresh-looking cake, boasting a simple yet, elegant design.

For Valentine’s Day, I decided to try it out. Joe prefers fruit over chocolate in his dessert, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to make him something I knew he would really enjoy.

We celebrated V-day with a pasta dinner (alla carbonara – deliciously prepared by my husband) and for dessert, a couple of slices of a vanilla-strawberry semi-naked cake.

Valentine's Day Cake Valentine's Day Cake Valentine's Day Cake Valentine's Day Cake


6 thoughts on “Semi-Naked Cake”

    • Dee,

      It’s easy because it’s not supposed to have that “perfected look” – the fact that you only have to work with the crumb coating makes it simple. If you adorn it with fruits and/or flowers, you can definitely make your cake look incredible! If you try it out, let me know how it goes!

  1. I’m in love with this style of frosting also, I wish I knew about it before our wedding! Plus I do not like when there is a ton of frosting slathered onto the cake, so it seems like a perfect balance for me!

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